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Rising health care costs, ticket scalping among summer study topics for lawmakers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Ticket scalping, taxing CBD oil and rising health care costs are just some of the summer study topics in the hands of lawmakers this season. 

Lawmakers tried to tax CBD oil this past session, but couldn’t agree. The biggest hiccup was: how exactly do you do it?

In the coming months, lawmakers will take a close look at taxing CBD oil as well as vape products.

Prescription drugs are also under the microscope.

This summer, lawmakers will tackle prescription drug prices as well as rising health care costs. They will take a look at how prescription drugs move through the supply chain, right to you.

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Lawmakers will also take a closer look at the commercial ticketing market, including ticket scalpers and resales. 

A Senate spokesperson said Wednesday that lawmakers asked the Legislative Council to consider more than 150 topics for the summer.

However not all of them made the cut.

As of now, no lawmakers are assigned to these study committees yet, and the first meeting dates are still in the works.