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Ritz officially announces run for governor

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – State Schools Superintendent Glenda Ritz made it official Thursday – she’s running for Indiana governor.

She spoke for the first time since discretely announcing her candidacy on a letterhead Wednesdaywelcoming the organizers and guests of Indy Pride. In bright blue and yellow, it read “Ritz for Governor” and just above her signature read “Candidate for Governor.”

In 2012, Ritz pulled out a surprise win against incumbent Tony Bennett to become the next Superintendent of Public Instruction. Ritz was seen as a huge underdog but made a substantial push on social media. She’s been battling with Republicans ever since.

Just this past legislative session, Republicans at the Statehouse worked to pass a bill that would remove Ritz and any other superintendent as head of the Board of Education. Ritz supporters said Republicans were working to strip power away from her.

As for her opponents in the Democratic primary, Ritz will take on two so far. John Gregg, former Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, who lost to Governor Mike Pence in the 2012 gubernatorial race. Also running for the Democratic nomination is state Sen. Karen Tallian from northwest Indiana. If Ritz wins the primary, she will face Pence in the general election.