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Rivalry still alive between Ben Davis HS and Carmel HS

Fans come out for Ben Davis vs. Carmel

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Arguably the biggest high school football game in the state took place at Ben Davis High School Friday night.

Ben Davis High School took on Carmel High School.

Such a big game, only deserving to be WISH-TV’s Friday Night Football Game of the Week on My Indy TV 23.

Under the Friday night lights, hundreds braved the cool Indiana air for a heated rivalry.

“It’s a big rivalry because Carmel High is a really big school and they have a good team and so do we so as long as we bring our big effort we can really win tonight,” said Ben Davis senior, Keegan Allen.

A decades-long battle between two schools: the Carmel Greyhounds and the Ben Davis Giants.

The game was even more intense as the two came on to the gridiron Friday night – tied 3-1 in the MIC.

“There is such a rivalry! Our army of 5,000 comes out to every single game,” said Carmel senior, Deion Ziwawo.

Both teams are historic powerhouses.

Their fans — equally as powerful.

But for some, picking a side, was easier said than done.

Like Sam Flood. He played football for Carmel in the 90s. But now, he’s on the other side, teaching at Ben Davis.

“Ben Davis played Carmel last year and I saw some of the old coaches… and they gave me the business about working at Ben Davis! they called me a traitor,” said Flood.

For Carmel, even the youngest of fans are aware of what coming to Ben Davis means.

“I hope we win obviously. I also hope that they get a little respect for us, because a lot of teams don’t like us,” said Carmel Middle School student, Kennadie Sirmon.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what side of the field you’re on, because football is family.

“It brings everybody together, and its good clean family fun on Friday night. The kids put in the hard work throughout the week and then they just show it off on a Friday night,” said Carmel father, Darren Lloyd.

Ben Davis HS won the game 27-14.


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