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Rokita on vaccine mandate: ‘Now is the time for us to unify and fight against this’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Attorney General Todd Rokita says that he and several other attorneys general from around the country have been discussing potential legal action against President Biden’s recent vaccination mandate. 

Rokita told I-Team 8’s Richard Essex that he believes the president’s mandate is an overreach of the federal government, despite the fact that there is precedent that allows employers and the government to require vaccines. 

But Rokita said any legal action he might take would focus on the financial penalties for workers and companies who refuse to follow the federal government’s order. 

“This is about controlling people out of fear and force and using instrumentalities of the government to do it,” he said. “So now is the time for all of us who appreciate liberty — who appreciate the idea that with liberty comes personal responsibility and (the ability) to make your own health care decisions to protect your family and your co-workers in a way that makes common sense to you and to them — now is the time for us to unify and fight against this.” 

No state has filed a lawsuit yet, and filing one would likely take some time.  

Essex asked Rokita what the next step is. “Look, we are only 24 hours into this,” he said, stating that he is still talking to others around the country.