Roncalli school board member resigns following controversy at school

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A school board member for Roncalli High School has resigned over the controversy happening at the school.

The school’s guidance counselor says she’s been told to resign over her same-sex marriage.

The controversy started afternoon someone showed Shelly Fitzgerald’s 2014 marriage certificate to school leaders. Since then there’s been an outpouring of support from others tied to the school, including now former school board member Dan Parker.

Parker said his decision to step down was personal because not only was he a board member but his children also go to the school and have had Fitzgerald as a counselor for six-years.

He said he’s not stepping down out of spite but to serve as a time to reflect on what it means to love and accept all.

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Fitzgerald has been asked to either resign or end her same-sex marriage.

Parker sent News 8 his resignation letter which says in part:

“I’ve always believed that the Roncalli community was strong because of the family members and the wonderful staff that included Shelly. The student body and our recent alumni can be added to that strength. Clearly, we are doing something right when our young students and graduates understand better than some older adults that love is love, commitment is commitment and marriage is marriage no matter who opens their heart to those wonderful gifts from God.”

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