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Sales of stolen bikes prevented through registry service

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) – An Indianapolis-based biking group has increased awareness of its connection to a national bike registration service as the weather warms and interest in biking grows.

INDYCOG has introduced the “Indy Bike Register” in partnership with to curb the sales of stolen bikes.

The money from the sale of stolen bikes is commonly used for higher crime according to the Kevin Whited, the group’s director.

Whited called stolen bikes an “underground currency.”

“The problem with that is that money that’s been used for the bicycle is being used for drugs, prostitution and even weapon buying. It is a bigger thing than just bikes being stolen but we’re bicyclists and we don’t want our bikes stolen,” Whited said.

The online registration service connects a network of bike owners and enthusiasts who individually submit identifying bicycle information including the serial number and description.

When a bike is listed as stolen, police, pawn shops and bike retailers are notified as well as followers of @stolenbikesindy on Twitter.

“Most cities that have gotten more popular with bicycling, like Portland, Oregon – bike theft has gone crazy there. We’re just trying to nip that in the bud; get in there early now and get people to register their bikes,” Whited said of the Indianapolis network.

Click here to visit the Indy Bike Register.