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School custodian arrested for stealing students’ medications

ARCADIA, Ind. (WISH) – Police arrested a Hamilton County school custodian Tuesday night for allegedly stealing prescription drugs from students.

Nancy Jasper posted bond and prosecutors are now determining what she could be charged with.

The Hamilton Heights School Corporation superintendent says Jasper is learning the lesson they teach to their students every day.

“If you asked our students today if taking things from other people is wrong, they would know the answer to that,” said Derek Arrowood. “It’s disappointing. Its always disappointing when people know right from wrong. It’s a basic tenet that we work on everyday that we treat others how we’d like to be treated.”

After a week-long investigation, Jasper was arrested Tuesday night for stealing prescription drugs from students.

“She was a good custodian. She did a good job at her task. We think in the last couple weeks some things may have changed in her life,” said Arrowood.

Jasper was a custodian at the Hamilton Heights Primary School since 2006.

“It’s quite disturbing,” said Chris Lutz while walking in Cicero. “I hope the school will deal with it, and I’m sure they will.”

The medications were under lock and key in the school nurse’s office. Arrowood says they’re counted daily. Authorities are still investigating how Jasper may have gained access to the them.

“It’s always disappointing when one employee makes a really bad decision, and it really violates the trust of the entire community,” said Dr. Arrowood.

Jasper’s initial court appearance is scheduled for March 27. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office says she hasn’t been charged with anything yet.