Search continues for missing 4-year-old who fell into Delphi creek

Search continues for missing four-year-old who fell into Delphi creek

DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) – The search continues for four-year-old Owen Jones who disappeared after falling into a creek in Delphi nearly a month ago.

Since then, visiting Riley Park hasn’t been easy for his mother, Britiney Jones. 

“It’s just really overwhelming knowing that he’s somewhere, and we don’t know where he is,” Britiney said.

According to investigators, Owen was playing with family and friends by the water when he fell in. That was on May 23rd. 

Indiana Department of Natural Resources crews have been on the water nearly every day since. DNR divers swam the creek about a week and a half ago checking log jams. 

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“(I’m) trying to stay hopeful because that’s what all mothers would do, but it’s kind of hard when time keeps going by and there’s nothing,” Britiney said.

The search extends from Americus to anywhere on Deer Creek searchers can get to with a boat. 

Ethan Brown lives nearby and has kept a close eye on the status of the search. He said he thinks about the Jones family often. 

“I just have no clue how they survive each day, I mean just breathing in and out trying to get through the day,” Brown said.

Britiney said the day-to-day hasn’t been easy, but support from the community has helped. 

“I still get tons of messages from people every single day, people I don’t even know from different states,” she added.