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Shelbyville Little Caesars not cited after narcotic arrests of manager, boyfriend

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — County health officials say it’s safe to eat at the Little Caesars where police arrested the manager Tuesday for heroin possession.

An anonymous source told police the manager, Sasha Fletcher, 31, had hepatitis C and was making pizzas with open sores on her body.

Police said Thursday they don’t know if Fletcher has hepatitis C. Officers said they saw her boyfriend, Joshua Parson, 34, making food with his bare hands. Parson was not a Little Caesars employee.

Health officials said they did not cite the restaurant. Robert Lewis of the Shelby County Health Department said the Little Caesars corporate team is cooperating.

“We did not cite them because they progressively terminated the lady,” Lewis said. “They have already put in a lot of hours of cleaning and taking care of things.”

Detectives said an anonymous tip led them to the restaurant, 809 S. Harrison St. Officers said they found Fletcher and Parson both high. Police said they found needles and heroin in their car, and the couple admitted to using heroin. Shelbyville police said they believe some heroin use happened in the backroom of Little Caesars.

Lewis said if Fletcher has hepatitis C, it’s unlikely that it could have spread to a customer. He said it would take intimate relations or the sharing of a needle to spread the infection.

“The public has nothing to worry about on her spreading any disease,” Lewis said.

Fletcher and Parson both face charges of unlawful possession of a syringe and possession of a narcotic. The couple is from Indianapolis.

Paul Weaver of Shelbyville said he’s picked up lunch from the restaurant for his grandkids but doesn’t plan to eat there again.

“Hopefully, they’ll do some time over this because you need to get people like that off the streets and out of the shops,” Weaver said.

24-Hour News 8 requested interviews with Fletcher and Parsons, but the sheriff’s department said the interview could not be arranged Thursday.

An employee at the Little Caesars declined an interview, and the company’s corporate team has not responded to a phone message.

Fletcher and Parson will have their next hearings in Shelby Superior Court 2 on Feb. 27, online court records show. They both were in the Shelby County Jail on Thursday night.