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Sheriff asks drug dealers to turn in competitors

VERNON, Ind. (WISH) — Hey, drug dealers, are competitors putting you out of business? The Jennings County Sheriff’s Office has an offer for you. 

Sheriff William Kenny Freeman posted on Facebook a form headlined “Attention drug dealers!” 

“Too Much Competition Bringing You Down? Are You Not Making The Profits You Once Did? We Are Here To Help You Eliminate Your Competition!”

The form asks drug dealers to name their competitor, the drugs the competitor sells, the address of the person, the person’s license plate information and the times and day of the person is most active. 

Reaction was positive. One Facebook commenter even suggested, “You should offer a turn 10 drug dealers, get a get out of jail free card.”

Another commenter said, “Someone should print these off and hang them at the laundry mat.” 

How did the sheriff get the idea. Freeman said Friday in an email reply to News 8 that one of his detective showed him something a month of two ago. Freeman said he took that idea to the next level. 

The sheriff declined on Friday to discuss whether he’s received any replies to the form.