Sheriff: CJC Guard stole medication from inmates

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — The Madison County Sheriff says is team arrested a corrections officer Wednesday morning for stealing medication from inmates.

Christina Ball has now been fired from her job as a guard at the Community Justice Center. Part of her job was to give work release inmates their medication. 

Investigators say security video from Anderson’s Community Justice Center shows Ball pocketing Suboxone, a medication used to treat opioid addictions. 

Detectives say Ball pocketed the medication at least six times between August 31 and September 16. 

“This is more serious than a simple theft because that medication was there for a purpose,” Sheriff Scott Mellinger said. 

Investigators said a work release participant told an employee they weren’t getting all their Suboxone. 

A court document states the Community Justice Center director called the sheriff’s office and showed a detective video of Ball pocketing Suboxone on September 16. 

Mellinger said he does not oversee the Community Justice Center. 

“It kind of puts a black eye on all of us,” Melliger said. “Because when the public sees one instance like this, they might paint all of us with a broad brush.”

A charging document states Ball confessed to a detective that she stole the medication on the 16 and gave them to a friend. 

She’s facing charges of theft and official misconduct, which is a felony. 

Suboxone is sometimes taken recreationally but Mellinger said he does not know why Ball stole the medication. 

“There are debates on both sides whether Suboxone is the best treatment for people with addiction but, for some people, it may be,” Mellinger said. 

A staff member at the Community Justice Center said no one is available for an interview today.