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Sheriff: Inmate smuggled heroin inside of body cavity

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — An inmate faces three felony charges for allegedly trafficking heroin inside of his body.

Derrick Burt, 33, is charged with dealing a narcotic, possession of a narcotic and trafficking with inmates. Investigators say that they received information on March 6 that Burt smuggled heroin after being transferred from the Department of Corrections. A cellblock search with a drug detection K-9 on March 10 indicated that narcotics had been inside of at least one of two cells targeted but did not locate the substance.

Burt was searched after a warrant was obtained. Investigators say that eight grams of heroin were found in a baggie inside of a body cavity.

“We like to think our jail is as secure as possible, even regarding trafficking, but the truth is that people incarcerated have significant time to figure out ways to get what they want,” said Scott Mellinger, Madison County Sheriff. “Our staff, along with the DTF, did a great job in discovering the activity.”

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