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Shopping experts: Now is the best time to shop

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – If you didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas, now may be the time to hit the stores.

Shopping experts say January and February are two of the best months to shop.

Stores are overstocked following the holidays and need to get rid of the merchandise. Many stores underestimated the amount of online shopping consumers did this past season and it’s left them with too many items in stores.

Finally, retailers get so many returns after the holidays. Those returns add to the amount of stock in stores and will bring down prices, but it’s also something to be aware of. Shopping experts tell 24-Hour News 8, shoppers really need to check items carefully to make sure they’re not damaged.

You can also get some good deals online this time of year, but those might be a little harder to find. Online sales are not going to be advertised quite as much this time of year, since it’s the brick and mortar stores that are really trying to trim down their stock. It’s worth going directly to a website to find available deals.

If you can’t hit the stores this month or in February, mid-summer is the other best time to shop. July and August offer great discounts on everything except school supplies.