Snapsolve offers tutoring through an app

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Take a picture of your homework problem and send it to an on-demand tutor to get instant help. It’s all possible thanks to a new app called Snapsolve Homework App.

Snapsolve allows students to take a picture of a homework problem and get help from a tutor, all through their cell phone.

Everything is done through the Snapsolve app. Students take a picture of their homework problem and load it on to the app.

The tutor gets notification about the question, along with a picture of the problem. He or she then starts answering any questions the student has.

The student gets an alert that their question is being answered as soon as the tutor starts working on it.

When the tutor is done answering the question, the student gets another alert.

Along with the answer, the student also gets an explanation of how the tutor got the answer. After getting an answer, the student has an opportunity to leave a review for the tutor.

The creators of the app say that it is designed to match students of all ages and grades who need extra help on their homework.