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Snow brings out inner child in adults

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – While many have their eyes set on spring, Mother Nature had another idea: dumping nearly eight inches of snow in the city.

While clean up is a big part of the day after, so is a little bit of fun.

“Sunday is a good day for it definitely,” said Stefan Jevtic who was spotted playing in the snow with his girlfriend and dog.

“Perfect day, perfect weather,” said Jordan Miller who was building a massive snow man with friends along Alabama Street.

The art of building a good snowman: “Lots of snow, some good cooperation and a great team,” said Darin Schwartzentruber.

A team of adults were acting like children as they played in the snow on Sunday.

“There’s a lot of good inner child here still,” said Miller.

But their inner child had to wait until meteorological spring to get let out.

“I’ve been waiting a long time, we haven’t had snow like this in a while,” said Kyle Stiffney.

While its been bitter cold, before this weekend only about a foot of snow fell.

“There’s nothing fun about negative 15 degree weather but there’s something fun about this kind of snow and getting to play a little bit,” said Miller.

Fun or not, some already have their eyes on warmer temperatures.

“I was looking forward to hearing that spring was coming in about three weeks and then we get this,” said Willie Matis who was shoveling the family cars.

If you’re wondering, Spring begins Friday, March 20.