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Social media aids police in Indy gang bust

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t just popular social media websites. The internet actually aided investigators in Wednesday’s gang bust.

Thirty-five members of the Block Burner gang were taken into custody. Authorities seized $53,000, drugs and 21 guns.

Court documents read: “I have reviewed Craig’s Facebook account.” It goes on to say, “Craig has access to large sums of cash, which is indicative of drug trafficking.” Included is a picture showing two men shaking hands over a pile of cash.

Another picture shows a man holding a gun. There are several others showing men holding stacks of bills. Authorities say it was these images as well as comments that helped lead to the arrests.

It’s a lesson Emmanuel Baptist Church’s youth leader, Micheal Lang, is using as a teachable moment; not to protect criminals, but instead, the teens in his group.

Lang shared the images of the suspects with his youth group. Social media is a hot topic at Emmanuel.

“Not just you guys and younger people are looking at social media, but adults, your potential bosses,” Lang warned.

Lang is concerned about the things he sees on the internet: gang life, glamorized through television and music, influencing kids who then take it to social media.

“I’m not going to say it’s bad, social media. I’m not going to say it’s good. We make social media what it is today. Everybody who  makes a comment or leaves a status, we control what’s going on,” said Lang.

“Even if you sell drugs, you can’t retire. You can’t get a 401k from selling narcotics illegally,” said Lang.

Emmanuel Baptist Church is located in one of the most dangerous areas of the city, which is why youth outreach is so important to them. The church offers a variety of services for kids, teens and young adults. Click here for more information.