‘Soldiers of Hope’ student art group make paintings for cancer patients

Soldiers of Hope’ student art group make paintings for cancer patients

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -The “Soldiers of Hope,” a student art group at Riverside Intermediate, makes art with a purpose.

The group of 5th and 6th graders met once a week for eight weeks during the spring for the chance to bring their artwork to the Central Indiana Cancer Center in Fishers.

They will put their paintings on display in the some of the same rooms where the patients receive their treatment. Patients at the cancer center can pick the paintings they like most and take them home.

The idea of the group is to use their art to bring light to those who are going through some dark times.
Each of their colorful paintings has its own special meaning. 

“I want everybody to be able to think that they have a chance to be able to do whatever they want, like they can conquer anything,”student, Brienna Brodner said.

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“You can see by their work how much love and compassion and hope goes into these pictures,” the program’s director, Susan Krapinski said.

Krapinski knows firsthand what cancer is capable of and what kind of impact a positive message can make during a time that can be full of negatives.

“My daughter Danielle was diagnosed at 20 with brain cancer.”

Danielle, a photographer, lost her battle with cancer after fighting it for seven years, but to this day Susan fights every day in her daughter’s memory.

“I keep looking for things that will help me get through it and this is one of the ways.”​​​​​​​

Student Brienna Brodner’s life has also been touched by cancer. 

“My grandma died of cancer, so I really like being able to help other people get through it,” she said.

They are positive images they hope will help patients look at their fight with cancer from a different point of view and letting people battling with cancer know they don’t fight alone.​​​​​​​

“There will always be somebody or something there that will help you get through it,” Krapinski said. Just keep looking those people are out there. You may not have met them yet, but we’re here.”

Krapinski says the program is growing in numbers, and they plan on keeping that trend going, so they can inspire more and more patients every year.