Some Marion County voters find long waits, others cast ballots quickly at polls

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Many Hoosier voters who arrived Tuesday at a voting center at Broad Ripple High School found long wait times.

One voter, Jessica Fisher, said, “Even though we had to wait an hour, it didn’t really feel like an hour because you just got to sit there and be with your neighbors.”

Fishers added, “I had heard some people say there are a few other locations that were much shorter (waits), but already being here in line and already halfway through is like, agh, I’ll just stay.”

Fisher lives near the school and, like many others, she wanted to bring change. “Voter turnout hasn’t always been the best, especially in this area, so I felt I needed to show up and do my part. You can’t complain if you don’t have your voice heard,” Fisher said.

Another voter, C.J. Haldeman, cast a ballot at Hinkle Fieldhouse. He said, “The whole situation in the country right now is just so crazy. I want to make sure that I get my vote in so that hopefully the people I voted for get in office.”

Haldeman says the voting process at around noon Tuesday was quick and easy. “It’s about the same as last year really. It’s surprisingly fast. I’m always surprised at how quickly we get through.”

“The whole people saying that the voting is rigged or stuff has happened like that, it’s just obviously not true,” Haldeman said.

At JTV Hill Park, voters Tuesday morning said the process took about five minutes. Calvin Simas said, “It was a lot easier than it was the last time. The mail-in ballots … I wasn’t sure about the mail-in ballots, but the system they got now is pretty prudent.”

Another voter, Sarah Hagan, said, “You’ve got to realize that the local affects us. What we do locally affects us statewide. Statewide takes us nationally, so that’s the way to look at it.”

Polling places will remain open until 6 p.m. EST in Indiana. People who are in line when polls close can stay in line and still vote, authorities say.