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A mix of sun, clouds, and showers as we move into Sunday


Sunset: 7:52

This evening we’re looking to maintain most of those clouds that have been around this afternoon. In the evening hours we’re expecting things to be mostly dry. However, a few isolated showers aren’t out of the question as we make our way towards bedtime and beyond. Winds will be very light out of the north and 0 to 5 MPH. Low temperatures in the mid 50s by the morning hours.


The day ahead looks slightly wet again, but showers will certainly not be overwhelming. While a wet day would be a bummer, we are not expecting things to be rainy again till maybe next weekend and ground conditions in Indiana are nearing or in drought conditions. Chances for rain this Sunday are around 40 percent under partly to mostly cloudy skies. High temperature in the lower 70s with winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 MPH.

Tomorrow Night

Sunday night looks like skies will begin to clear out and showers will have faded. Low temperature reaches the mid 50s under partly to mostly clear skies. Winds out of the north at 0 to 5 MPH.


Monday is going to return to the sunny skies we saw plenty of last week. Mostly sunny and upper 70s will be easy to come by in the state by the afternoon hours. Winds out of the north at 5 to 10 MPH.

8 Day

The next week looks like it will remain dry with high pressure building overhead. As a result, most afternoons are mostly sunny with high temperatures gradually grow from the mid 70s to the lower 80s. The next chance for rain comes next weekend and even then, those chances for rain are around 20 percent each day.

In September, Indiana is facing significant drought conditions, posing various challenges. The lack of rainfall has led to reduced soil moisture, negatively impacting crop growth and agricultural productivity. Water scarcity affects ecosystems, livestock, and water supplies for communities. Mitigation efforts and water conservation measures are crucial to address this pressing issue.