Southport police chief starring in new Amazon video series

SOUTHPORT, Ind. (WISH) – The Southport police chief is the star of a new video series on Amazon Prime Video called “Ask Tom.”

The series is related to all things about policing. Tom Vaughn said the question and answer segments started when he ran for sheriff earlier in the year. 

“It kind of went from us just wanting to come up with something, to something a lot bigger. We want to be out in the public, you want to feel like you’re part of the community.  So, how can we bridge that gap and have those conversations where we can start talking?” Vaughn said.

The first video in the series debuted in late July. 

“It’s been a lot of fun to do and you get to laugh and have a good time. One of things we do, we roll the camera the whole time so there’s bloopers and things like that in there. I’m not good at it but but I have fun doing it,” he said.

He will record the series in different parts of the community and some series will feature celebrity guests.

Vaughn said some of the topics he has discussed already has been about how to stay safe while shopping and what to do if you get pulled over. He added they also tell jokes in the videos.

“Trying to get the lighthearted side out where they see it’s not a run at their house. So, that’s a big push for it and that it opens up those lines of communication where we can sit down and start having those conversations we need to have.”

Questions can be posted on the online form or on Facebook.