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Study: Too much praise can turn kids into narcissists

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Praising your kids too much could turn them into narcissists, according to new research.

The new report comes a few days after a study showed that men tend to be more narcissistic than women.

Researchers evaluated more than 500 Dutch children ages 7 through 12. Children whose parents overvalued them were more likely to develop narcissistic traits like superiority and entitlement, according to the study.

The authors asked questions and conducted tests to determine whether parents overvalued their children. For example, researchers made up book titles and names and asked parents if their children knew them. Parents who overvalued their children said their kids were familiar with things and people that did not exist.

The lead author says an important question for future studies is whether parents can prevent narcissism but still boost self-esteem by being affectionate without telling children they are better than others.