Study: Two-thirds of US baby food tested positive for arsenic, dangerous toxins

(KRON) – Two-thirds of baby food in the United States has tested positive for arsenic and other dangerous toxins, according to a new study.

Some of the most popular baby foods on the market tested positive for the toxins.

Five hundred baby food products were tested.

The study by the Clean Label Project also found that a whopping 80 percent of baby formulas contained arsenic.

Experts warn that arsenic can affect a child’s motor skills, cognition and heart as they’re growing.

Also in that study is lead. More than a third of the popular baby foods tested positive for lead.

And nearly 60 percent contained another metal-cadmium.

Those chemicals can pose potential risks for infants especially problems with their young immune and nervous systems.

The FDA had previously looked into the impact of arsenic in rice-based baby foods and even rice puffs.

Health experts say the best thing a parent can do is look closely at the food labels.


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