Suit: Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette fired manager who complained about owner using N-word

Former employee sues Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette, Indiana

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WISH) — A discrimination suit has been filed against Mercedes-Benz after an employee says he was fired for complaining about the owner of Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette using the N-word.

Jeffrey Turner had worked for Mercedes-Benz of North America since about 1987 and for Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette since 2011. His attorneys say he had been sales manager in Lafayette since 2015 and had twice been named “Best of the Best” by the company.

Turner says that after reporting to Mercedes-Benz of North America that owner Mike Raisor used the N-word, he was fired for insubordination.

Turner says that Raisor used the phrase “n—– scalping,” meaning overcharging African American customers. Turner also says Raisor referred to him as his “favorite n—–.”

The suit also says that Bret Raisor, another owner of the company, directed “angry and/or offensive remarks about African American NFL players who do not kneel during the national anthem at TURNER during a large sales meeting where TURNER was the only person of color.”

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Bret Raisor is also accused of saying in front of a room of people that Turner would disappear if the lights turned off.

Turner says he was retaliated against after reporting the comments, saying his commission was reduced before being terminated.

Attorneys for Mike Raisor dispute the complaints but admit that Raisor used the phrase “a n—– in the woodpile” during a meeting that Turner attended.

The Raisor Auto Group’s attorney declined to comment on the civil suit.