Survey: 77% of consumers will return gifts this year

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — If you opened a gift you didn’t like this year, you’re not alone. According to a survey from Oracle, 77 percent of consumers said they will return at least some of their gifts this holiday season.

Returns have become some popular this time of year, UPS actually named a day in January “National Return Day.”

Returns are expected to peak this holiday season on Jan. 2 at 1.9 million. That is a 26 percent increase from last year.

There are three important things to remember if you plan to make a return.

  • Keep the item in its original packaging
  • Bring your ID
  • Bring the receipt

Most stores usually give you 30 days to make a return. Some are more generous and have a 60 or 90 day policy.

It’s also important to remember some stores only refund the price of the item at the time of the refund.

This means if you bought something for $100 in November and it’s marked down to $50 in January when you make the return, you may only be refunded the lower price.