Survey: It’s no longer safe to assume drivers are ‘just texting’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A new survey conducted by AT&T found it’s no longer safe to assume drivers are ‘just texting.’

According to the survey, drivers using their smartphones behind the wheel are doing more than texting. They are emailing, browsing the web, tweeting and video chatting.

About one-third said they’ve emailed on their phones while driving, and one-tenth said they were on Snapchat.

Here is what people say they are doing:

  • 61 percent said they text behind the wheel.
  • 33 percent say the send or check emails.
  • 28 percent of people say they surf the web.
  • 27 percent say they use Facebook.
  • 17 percent say they take selfies.
  • 14 percent say they use Instagram and Twitter behind the wheel.
  • 12 percent shoot videos.
  • 11 percent Snapchat.
  • 10 percent video chat.

AT&T also report that 62 percent of people keep their smartphones within easy reach while driving.

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22 percent who access social networks while driving cite addiction as the reason. And of those who shoot videos behind the wheel, 27 percent say they can do it safely while driving.

Those are just some of the activities that smartphone-using drivers fessed up to in a survey commissioned by AT&T. The report is tied to the wireless company’s It Can Wait campaign, which launched in 2010 to raise awareness of the dangers of using smartphones while driving.

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