Suspended Roncalli counselor files 2nd EEOC charge against school, Indianapolis Archdiocese

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Shelly Fitzgerald, a Roncalli guidance counselor who was suspended after it was discovered she was married to a woman, has filed a second retaliation charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The second charge, which was filed Wednesday with the commission, states that the school and Archdiocese of Indianapolis “took adverse action against her father, Pat Fitzgerald.” 

Patrick Fitzgerald was told by the school administration in January he would no longer be invited to work at Roncalli’s Senior Retreat.

Patrick reportedly spent 26 years working with the program. 

Shelly said her father told her he was “heartbroken” after school officials told him because of “issues over the last five months” he would not be invited back. 

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After Shelly was suspended for her same-sex marriage, she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.