Take a tour of the new dessert and tea bar by Tina’s Traditional


Get same great “Tina taste” at Tina’s Traditional Tea Room with a NEW dessert and tea bar!

Owner Tina Jesson tells us what’s in store: 

There are 6 British inspired 2 layers cakes in the Dessert Bar, which serve 96.

Victoria Sandwich Cake – 2 layer cake with butter icing and home made raspberry jam – made to Tina’s Grandmas recipe
London Fog Cake – chocolate cake with icing infused with earl gray creme tea
St Clements Cake – with lemon curd center and an orange drizzle named in reference to the old nursery rhyme – Oranges and Lemons says the Bells of St Clements

Take a tour of the new dessert and tea bar by Tina’s Traditional

Battenberg Cake – The cake was purportedly named in honor of the marriage of Princess Victoria, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, to Prince Louis of Battenberg in 1884 and is a checkerboard cake covered in Marzipan icing
Prince Williams Groom’s Cake – based on a a Royal family favorite – the chocolate biscuit cake
Prince Harry’s Lemon Elder Flower Wedding Cake 

To learn more, visit www.TinasTraditional.com.

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