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Teacher faces child seduction charges

A teacher is facing charges of child seduction following allegations of sexual encounters with a student.

The case involves a 28-year-old woman and a 17-year-old boy who allegedly developed more than a teacher-student relationship.

Earlier this month, rumors started swirling about Linton-Stockton High School art teacher Taylor Valandingham-Dunham.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Principal Alicia Cornelius received a report about Dunham being seen in a student’s vehicle outside of school.

Cornelius questioned both Dunham and the student, and was told the two had been working on an art project, nothing more.

The student’s mother reached out to Cornelius, requesting further questioning because she believed the situation was sexual in nature.

After an investigation by Linton Police Detective Paul Clark, Dunham and the student both admitted to having sex in a car in a remote area of the Greene-Sullivan State Forest.

The affidavit reveals Dunham admitted to having sex with the 17-year-old on multiple occasions.

The official documents charge Dunham and the student were also in contact over apps like Snapchat and Instagram, with one conversation containing an image of the teacher in her underwear.

Dunham faces two counts of Level 5 Felony Child Seduction.

The school released a statement that Dunham is currently on administrative leave and will remain so while the school corporation works with attorneys to address her future employment status.