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The Beatles streamed ‘Yellow Submarine,’ hosted a sing-a-long watch party

(CNN) — Even during a global pandemic, the Beatles found a way for people to come together.

The legendary British band streamed their animated 1968 movie “The Beatles: Yellow Submarine” on Saturday and hosted a sing-along watch party on their official YouTube channel.

More than 70,000 people from all over the world tuned in for the “celebration of love and music,” a one-time-only special event that couldn’t have come at a better time.

Fans had a blast singing classic Beatles tunes

Fans from all walks of life joined in the fun, including some health care workers.

“Watching from work! Definitely singing under this,” a nurse tweeted along with a photo of her in a face mask.

One lucky child got the “Yellow Submarine” birthday party of his dreams.

“He’s requested a Yellow Submarine themed birthday this weekend, so today’s #YellowSubLive couldn’t have come at a better time,” Jordan Beck said on Twitter

The event was a sing-a-long in the truest sense, with fans belting out the tunes.

“We didn’t get lost with my children,” a family in Chile tweeted with a video of them singing. “#YellowSubLive it was great.”

Fans were encouraged to dress for the occasion and many obliged.

“Dressed as Paul for the #YellowSubLive,” Twitter user Thais tweeted, including a photo of her best Paul McCartney attire.

“Wearing these socks and nothing else…,” another person said on Twitter, along with “Yellow Submarine” socks.