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‘The Power of Choice’ featured in Franklin Film Festival

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — A documentary in memory of a Center Grove teen is getting a lot of attention for its message about drug awareness.

The film is about Sam Motsay. The 16-year-old died last year after taking a synthetic drug called N-Bomb.

The documentary is called “The Power of Choice” and was produced by three seniors at Whiteland High School. It beat out eight other documentaries to make the final cut at this year’s Franklin Film Festival. The producers say they did it to raise awareness.

It was a busy night at the Aircraft Theatre in Franklin. Many people were there to catch a screening of documentaries produced by local students. This year’s theme: “A story that has to be told.”

“I definitely think as teenagers dealing with things like peer pressure, we’re just young, we’re naïve we don’t know that much,” said Madison Dolen, student. “I just think it’s important to be aware of alcohol and the substances that are around.”

Ashley Hamer, Bailey Hamer and Madison Dolen produced the 15-minute long documentary called “The Power of Choice” about Sam Motsay. The girls reached out to Sam’s mom last November about the idea.

“I contemplated it and talked with family and so forth. We thought that this aligned with what we think is important to get the word out about what happened to Sam so that it can be life giving to others,” said Jeanine Motsay, Sam’s mother.

Jeanine Motsay tells 24 Hour News 8 she got a chance to watch the documentary before it was submitted.

“By the end of the documentary and it was over there, was a lot of silence in the room,” said Motsay. “After a lot of processing and a lot of impact that it brought to the students.”

Even though the girls did not know Sam personally, they were inspired to share his story. They’re hoping it will be enough to make a difference and to prevent another tragic death from happening.

“Especially teenagers and kids our age if they’re ever in a situation like that they can think back and realize that one decision can change your life forever,” said Bailey Hamer, student.

The documentary did not make the top four, but the girls say they are just happy for the opportunity.

Click here to watch the documentary on YouTube.