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Three arrested following Syracuse killings

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Two people are dead and now police have arrested a third person in connection with the double shooting in Kosciusco County. Another known associate has yet to receive charges.

The tragic end in the Syracuse home began with what court documents describe as a calculated plot.

Early in the morning on Feb. 19, police say Brandon Woody, Kyle DeHart, and a third person went to the home with the intent to tie up Tara Thornburg, cut her throat, and steal her marijuana, according to WISH-TV sister station WANE News.

The third person told police Thornburg gave an ounce of pot to Woody, who then said he had to go to the vehicle to get her payment. When Thornburg wanted the marijuana back, Woody allegedly shot her in the face.

DeHart and the third person ran to the getaway vehicle and were soon joined by Woody, who apparently told them he shot Josh Knisley too. Soon after Thornburg was shot, she called police and told them it was Woody. Both victims eventually died of their injuries.

Court documents allege Woody, DeHart, and the third person went back to the home of DeHart’s parents. There, they burned some evidence and went to sleep.

Around 5 a.m., DeHart’s mom Joan, who’s a third grade teacher, woke them up. She heard police were after Woody and reportedly said she would be their alibi.

The third person told police Joan DeHart then took Woody to Warsaw, where he eventually met back up with Kyle DeHart.

Later that afternoon, police found Woody inside DeHart’s snow-covered vehicle under some blankets. He faces two counts of murder and is being held in jail with no bond.

Kyle DeHart, 22, has preliminary been charged with two counts of murder and one count of obstructing justice and is also being held in jail with no bond.

His mother Joan, 49, has been preliminary charged with assisting a criminal. Her bond was set at $10,000 surety.

The third person, who gave police all the information, has yet to receive any charges.