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THREE tips to dressing your cuties on a mom-friendly budget

THREE tips to dressing your cuties on a mom-friendly budget 

Dress your kiddos for success, without having to pay a hefty price!

On today’s Indy Style, Joy Sterrett, Owner of Magnolia Threads Boutique, shares THREE tips on choosing fashion-forward clothing on a mom-friendly budget! 

THREE tips to dressing your cuties on a mom-friendly budget 

About Joy: (as told by Joy)

I am the owner of Magnolia Threads, which is a newly launched little girls clothing boutique.  I have spent the last 13 years dedicating my life to being a NICU nurse and after having my own little girls, I decided I wanted to be at home more with them and do something fun.  I have always loved fashion and dressing cute, and once I had little girls of my own, my passion for fashion bloomed.  I love the boho chic look and clothing that looks like “mom,” but fun for kiddos too!  Magnolia is my 3-year-old daughter and she is the face of Magnolia Threads.  She has become quite the little model and fashionista.  My goal when starting this boutique was to provide moms with a way to obtain fashion forward clothing, but on a mom-friendly budget.  

Three Main Tips:
1.    Fit
2.    Fabric
3.    Flexibility

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–    Growing kids present a unique challenge in finding clothing that fit and that will withstand the joys of childhood
–    Choose items that are a bit larger so there is room to grow or clothing that has adjustability, such as an elastic waist band or pants with an adjustable button (show denim jean shorts with adjustable waistband)
–    Clothes that can be put on and off independently by a child are mom friendly for those times when you are rushing to get out the door
–    For babies and toddlers still in diapers, choose items that have easy access for diaper changes like a romper 

THREE tips to dressing your cuties on a mom-friendly budget 

–    Every mom can attest to that moment of putting something on your kiddo and then there is an immediate “complaint” about being itchy, or too tight, or “take the tag out”
–    Comfort over fabric should always be considered
–    Look for clothes that are soft and without elements that lead to a complaint, such as itchy zippers, seams, or shape
–    Choose something that is loose for airflow and breathability…kids want to run, jump and play and not be hindered by a tight, non-moveable fabric
–    For summertime choose light colors that don’t attract sun and in winter, layer them so they don’t get too hot
–    Items with easy washing instructions are super helpful
–    Laundry hacks for those stubborn stains include…Fels Naptha (comes in a bar soap form, but can easily be used to rub out a stain) or soaking in vinegar and baking soda.

THREE tips to dressing your cuties on a mom-friendly budget 

–    #1-Let them have a choice.  As hard as it is to relinquish the control, provide them with two options that you have chosen and let them pick which one they want to wear.  This decreases battles over what they might pick out.  It’s good to encourage independence and creativity, but when mom is on a time schedule, pre-planning and giving them a couple of options can save a lot of time.
–    Flexibility can mean so many things, but mainly, choosing items that allow a kid to be a kid, but also add some fashion are an option. 
–    For family picture outfits or trying to capture that perfect moment, use the tips about fit and fabric, but also try to coordinate colors and patterns. Possibly pick a statement piece for one child, such as a bold floral dress, and then accent with another sibling in a tiny polka dot pattern in matching colors. Stick with one outfit and avoid outfit changes.

Magnolia Threads can help with affordable mom friendly clothing for those little beauties!  Check out the website and use code INDYSTYLE25 for 25% off of your purchase through this weekend (3/15/19 to 3/17/19)

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