Thursday’s business headlines

Photo of Walmart. (WISH Photo, File)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) –  Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy renewables will use new technology to help protect bats at its wind sites.

Bats are often drawn to the spinning turbines.

To help discourage them from approaching, Duke Energy renewables is working with NRG Systems, Inc. to install an innovative bat deterrent system.

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The technology uses ultrasound to block the sonar that bats use to navigate in the dark, causing them to avoid areas around the wind turbines.

It’s been shown to reduce fatalities by 50 percent.

P & G expands

Procter and Gamble is expanding its offering of sleep aids, including gummies for kids.

The drug-free, non-habit forming products help people fall asleep naturally, according to the company.

The key ingredient is melatonin, a hormone found in the body that helps regulate sleep.

All of the items are Vick’s Zzquil brand.

Bill paid online

Nearly three-quarters of all bills will be paid digitally by 2022.

That’s thanks to rising customer familiarity with digital payments, and the rise in digital payment options.

Between housing costs, utilities, taxes, insurance and loans, Americans paid an estimated $3.9 trillion in online bills in 2018.

Walmart and Ebay

Walmart is hoping to steal some fire from Amazon Prime Day.

The retailer is planning to release thousands of “special buys” and “rollbacks” – which is Walmart’s term for discounts between July 14 and July 17.

Those dates coincide with Amazon’s Prime Days and Target’s Days.