Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines.

Best employers

Forbes ranked the best companies to work for in each state.

Salesforce topped the list in Indiana.

Rounding out the top five  – Lilly, Parkview Health, Community Health Network and Cummins.

Trending Headlines

The list was compiled based on worker feedback.


A new poll found that younger generations are ditching deodorant.

The poll by YouGov says about 40 percent of those surveyed in the 18-24 age group said they hadn’t sued the product in the last month.

In addition, 48 percent of respondents ages 18 to 24 said they haven’t purchased deodorant in the last year.

Women working longer

Working women put in longer hours on the job last year, spent more time caring for their children and did more work around the house.

They also spent less time relaxing or socializing and less time sleeping.

Those results are from the annual American Time Use survey from the Labor Department.


Apple is exploring moving 15 to 30 percent of production out of China.

Reuters reports it is asking suppliers to figure out how to do that.

The iPhone maker has decided the risks of depending heavily on manufacturing in China are too great and even rising.