Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines.

Plainfiled-based business 

Plainfield-based MD Logistics is expanding and expected to create up to 50 new jobs by the end of 2023.

The company is investing $1 million in building improvements for the temperature-controlled Plainfield storage space, which already is fully operational.

The company provides storage for its clients for things like keeping pharmaceuticals in cold storage.

Buying green

Buying green is too expensive for the average consumer.

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Bloomberg says eco-friendly straws, sneakers, garments and packaging are often pricier than their conventional counterparts, leaving poor and middle-class people with not much of a choice.

For some products, such as organic food, the higher sticker price is reflective of the higher cost of creating that type of food. But others charge more simply because they can.

Flying motorcycle

A California company says it’s taking orders for a real-life flying motorcycle powered by five modified jet engines on the base of the aircraft.

The $380,000 vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft, called the “speeder,” will be able to reach at least 150 mph, have a 45-mile range and fly as high as 15,000 feet when it debuts next year.

That’s according to the head of the JetPack Aviation, the company that makes it.

Service attack

Facebook says it’s not sure what caused its site, as well as Messenger and Instagram to be out Wednesday but it’s not a denial of service attack.

According to DownDetector, parts of the U.S., including the east and west coasts, parts of Europe and elsewhere. For some users, they could open the apps but major functions were missing.