Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines.

Health care mergers

The Justice Department is close to approving two major health care mergers.

The Wall Street Journal says CVS and AETNA and Cigna’s purchase of express scripts will likely get the OK in the next couple of weeks.

Both deals have also drawn criticism, including from the American Medical Association, which has voiced concerns that mergers could substantially lessen competition in health care.


Twitter shares fell six percent as CEO Jack Dorsey was testifying before Congress.

President Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans have accused Twitter, Facebook and Google of political bias in recent months, with frustrations intensifying in recent weeks.


The NFL will allow teams to accept advertising from casinos.

The New York Post says the move comes just months after the Supreme Court overturned a U.S. ban on states accepting bets on professional and college sports.

Casino advertisers will be allowed to display their NFL team logos with their advertising.


Uber will check in with riders and drivers if something seems “off: with the ride.

Uber announced a slew of new safety features Wednesday intended to give both riders and drivers peace of mind when using the app.

The biggest change is a system called “Ride Check.”

It will detect possible crashes and anomalies such as unusually long waits.