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Tired of the Farmhouse Design Trend? Here’s What’s Next!

Tired of the Farmhouse Design Trend? Here’s What’s Next!

Tired of the Farmhouse Design Trend? Here’s What’s Next!

The question on everyone’s mind these days is: What is next after the Farmhouse design trend?

Like any good trend, they tend to stick around for a long time, the Farmhouse Trend is no different. Most folks either love it, hate it, or can incorporate it in small ways into their interior design.

Danielle Myers, ASID, RID, Proprietor, Elle Designs, shares what is on the horizon though in the world of Interior Design!

1 – Calm and Minimal – Color palettes of Blues and greens indicating calm tropical waters, with a natural wood element paired with pink and beige accents. A shift to the botannical touch in a space with live plant walls and calm spaces that are decluttered and have minimal accessories.

2 – Space to Breathe – Large open floor plans, where Dining Rooms continue to disappear, and large islands dominate the Kitchen area.

3 – Dark Blues and Cream have replaced the Black and White color palette. Rich colors, and deep hues are being picked up off the runaway looks into home interiors.

4 – Curves, Curves, Curves – Eliminating boxy door openings and adding a dramatic detail with a curved opening, or curved sofa. The lines are softer and less harsh to the eye.

5 – Metallics – Rose Gold and Matte Black are the “it” colors in metal finishes. It’s okay to mix metals too, as long as you are using 1 main finish, and accent with another.

Note from Danielle: “I doubt the farmhouse/industrial design will disappear with the end of the Fixer Upper television show, but there’s a whole world of fresh and new ideas for you to consider when designing your new home. Keep in mind, though, that design is what works for you and your lifestyle, not copying something you see in a magazine, online or on TV.”

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