Toddler catches mom throwing away his ‘fray-vorite’ art masterpiece, fun ways to recycle your child’s art

KID-ING WITH KAYLA — What do you do when your toddler catches you in the act of throwing away his “fray-vorite” or favorite artwork? You hang it on the fridge and apologize, of course!

That’s what Kayla Sullivan did before posting a full online report about the incident.

Kids are constantly bringing home masterpieces they made at school, and Wednesday on “All Indiana” I shared a couple of interesting ways you can hold on to your kids’ pictures without letting them turn into clutter

Some parents keep it all, while others pick and choose. There are frames you can buy where you can continuously rotate art work. Another option is snapping a photo of it and recycling the paper.

Mel McMahon Stone is a Hoosier mom of two boys.

“The struggle with what to do with our kiddos’ art work is real!” said McMahon Stone. “Not everything is worth saving, but you want to make sure and not throw out that paint blob that is actually a super special family portrait! We ask our kids what they want to save, help them sort out what is special and what’s not, and display it on a clothes line in their room. This art gets rotated regularly, and items they want to save that are not displayed go in a clear tote. Anything they don’t want to save, I cut up into squares and use for scrap paper to write lunch box notes or little reminders!”

Kayla put Randall Newsome and George Mallet’s skills to the test on “Life.Style.Live!” Wednesday morning. She gave them 30 seconds to draw their favorite animal and then wanted them to decide whether it was a keeper. Kayla claims they both were keepers, but George’s was the best. Sorry, Randall! What do you think?

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