‘Too late to run’: Eyewitness watched as car flew toward her home

Too late to run’: Eyewitness watched as car flew toward her home

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A car slammed into a home where people were asleep inside. The force was so great, a woman inside the car ended up on top of the roof of the house. Her two young children were in the back seat.

It happened at 3700 N. Parker Avenue, not far from 38th and Keystone.

Stacy Harris saw the car flying towards her an instant before it smashed into her house. After that, it was just a blur.

She’s thankful her family is okay, but said several things need to change, including her address.

“I turned around and tried to run, but it was too late,” Harris said.

There was a gaping hole at 37th and Parker where a window used to stand in the home.

From the side, the structural damage is obvious to her home, all because of a flying car.

“I think it’s crazy. I thought it was a movie,” she said. “I was scared.”

Indianapolis police said it happened just before noon.

The tracks from the white Pontiac are obvious through the grass across the street, up the embankment and into the Harris home. There was such speed and force there even appears to be a tire mark about 8 feet high up the siding.

“When it hit the wall it sounded like a dang bomb,” Harris said. “Real loud.”

A woman inside the car ended up on top of the roof. No one yet knows how.

It even took a few minutes for her husband or anyone else to find her in the commotion because she was not responsive.

She was rescued by firefighters.

For Harris, even hours later, she’s still shaking.

Police tell News 8 two children were riding in the car: a 3-year-old and an infant no more than 2 months old.

They seem to be okay, as well as Harris’s aunt who was sitting in the front room.

“I’m real thankful because it could have been a lot worse,” she said.

There’s no stop sign on Parker at 37th. She thinks that should change too.

“They come flying all the time,” Harris said. “As fast as they’re going, they probably wouldn’t see the stop sign.”

Now the work begins Monday evening to secure her home up again, the place she’s rented with her family for 14 years.

But not for much longer.

“I think I’m getting ready to move,” Harris said. “I’m ready to go. that’s enough warning for me.”

“I can move from a house, but I can’t replace no lives.”

Harris said she’s thankful for a small embankment outside her home. It’s probably what launched that car, but if not for the hill, the car could have gone straight in to where several people were sleeping.

As of Monday night, the woman on the roof was in critical condition.

Police are still trying to figure out where she was sitting because there was no obvious damage to the windshield or side window indicative of being ejected.