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Cooking fish can be daunting, but Michelle Dudash, Registered Dietitian, Chef and Creator of the 4Real Food Reboot, is here to help incorporate the seafood into your diet.

Remember these three main principles:

1. The most important thing about cooking fish is to not overcook it. 

– Plan on about 12 minutes of baking time for fillets of average thickness. The thicker it is, the longer it will take.

– Look for sizzling around the edges, which is your first indicator of doneness. 

– Then, gently press down on the thickest section. It shouldn’t feel mushy or squishy but not too firm.

– If the fish still looks translucent in the middle, stick it back in the oven.

– If it’s flaky in the middle, it is definitely done or possibly overdone.

2. Fish should smell easy breezy like the ocean, not stinky fish.

– Ask your fishmonger to hold it out so you can smell it. 

– Try to buy it the day that you’ll be cooking it (the day before is fine too, as seafood degrades quickly).

3. Frozen can sometimes be better than fresh fish. 

– The fish gets frozen immediately, so the taste is fresh. 

– The texture changes, however, depending on the fish.

Go to www.michelledudash.com for more.

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