Festive and affordable appetizers, drinks, and desserts for your holiday get-togethers

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You don’t have to work for days making every single dish from scratch, this 4th of July. Simply spruce up packaged foods with fresh ingredients. Go semi-homemade!

Registered Dietitian Michelle Dudash shows us how to prepare a delicious and memorable menu that’s sure to “sparkle!”

 ·     Instead of plopping a container of hummus on your buffet and calling it a day, turn hummus into a decorative schmear with colorful garnishes. Or if your party is going all day, make individual servings in shot glasses.
·     Garnish store-bought guacamole with the green part of scallions and diced tomato
·     It’s so easy to make your own freezer pops with just juice, wine, or a cocktail mix, plus and berries. It only takes 5 minutes.

o   Fourth of July is a chance to spend time with friends and family and what better way to celebrate the holiday than rounding up festive (and affordable!) appetizers, drinks, and desserts for your get-together? Whether you’re meal prepping for your outdoor BBQ bash or searching for easy summer meals, ALDI has all of the premium items for your perfect summer spread without the premium price tag, including affordable and better-for-you appetizers, treats, and high-quality meat and plant-based grilling options.
o   ALDI wants everyone to have high-quality food at affordable prices. That’s why they do everything they do. They’d rather save you money on your essentials than charge you for the unnecessary. No hidden costs means ALDI customers only pay for freshness and quality.

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