Track IndyGo buses in real-time with app

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People who use IndyGo buses to get around the city have a new way to track when their ride will arrive. 

The city’s IndyGo bus service on Friday announced its routes were available in myStop, an app that provides real-time location information about transit systems. 

Previously, riders could use online and paper route schedules to plan their travel. In addition, Google Maps gives an estimated time of arrival for IndyGo buses, or passengers can send a text message to 25370 that includes the five-digit code that corresponds with the stop they’re planning to use. 

The myStop app lets travelers look at stops that are nearby, as well as explore all of IndyGo’s routes and see where each bus is in real time. 

Tapping on a stop shows passengers which buses service the stop and when the next outbound and inbound bus will arrive. 

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The app also lets users set up notifications to get an alert when the bus they want is a certain number of minutes away from a chosen bus stop. 

The myStop app is available for free to download in Apple and Android app stores.