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Treat your dad to these gadget-themed gifts

Treat your dad to these gadget-themed gifts 

Dad’s day will be here before you know it, and if your dad’s a gadget guy, then we have gift ideas just for him!

David Novak, Gadget Gram, shows us “the goods!”

Treat your dad to these gadget-themed gifts 

VersaDesk Cycle and Treadmill
Do you wish you could be more fit or have trouble fitting an exercise routine into your busy schedule? VersDesk’s office fitness products, including the Power Pro Convertible Standing Desk, the Seated Desk Cycle and the Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill are just what you need.  Incorporating fitness products into your office setup will help you improve blood flow, mental alertness, improve cardiovascular health and help you lose or maintain weight depending on your workout goals. Join the active office movement and integrate office fitness into your setup today. Video: and
Ekster Wallet
Ultra-slim trackable smart wallets with instant card access. Ekster wallets have a built-in, bend-proof cardholder for credit cards and IDs, with RFID protection that keeps your information safe from sophisticated data hacking attempts. A quick push of the discreet button on the bottom of each wallet instantly releases the cards inside for easy, efficient access. Ekster wallets are the thinnest on the market, a far cry from your grandad’s old brick block.

Ekster 3.0 will be released on on June 4 as the latest release with a voice activation feature! 
Orro Light Switch
Orro is the first truly intelligent lighting system. Orro Switches sense your presence, learn your lighting preferences and adjust your lights so they are in tune with your life – automatically. You can start your Orro system with a single Orro Switch. Add an Orro Switch to the rooms where you spend the most time (like the kitchen or living room). From there, it’s easy to pair more Orro Switches to your system.

Treat your dad to these gadget-themed gifts 

OOLER ME Temperature Controlled Sleep System
$699 (queen)/$799 (king);
Stop waking up in the middle of the night because you’re too hot. Cold toes already? Doze off on a beach instead. Minute by minute, degree by degree, OOLER consistently regulates your perfect sleep temperature to match any environment. The ME allows your side of the bed to be temperature controlled from 55°-115°F (12.8°-41.6°C).

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Animo Pet Behavior Tracker
For dog-loving dads, Animo learns and interprets the unique activity and behavior patterns of your dog. It’s with them 24 hours a day, giving you a greater understanding of their lives. Morning walks, sleeping under the table, barking at the postman; your dog’s days are action packed and now you get to know about it all. Animo tracks the total time in hours and minutes that your dog is active each day, so you can ensure they get enough exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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