Trooper wades through waist-deep flood waters to rescue 80-year-old

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — An 80-year-old man was rescued by Indiana State Police when rising flood waters trapped him in his car.

An off-duty trooper, Mike Bradbury, responded to a call of a man stranded near SR 1 and SR 28 in northern Randolph County around 4:45 p.m. Sunday.

Bradbury teamed up with a local resident passing by in a four-wheel-drive truck to travel the flooded roads.

Even with the off-road truck, Bradbury could not get closer than about 40 yards due to the flooded road, so he jumped into waist-deep water and started toward the trapped man, according to an ISP media release.

The trooper reached 80-year-old Jack Kirchner, of Albany, and pulled him to safety.

Kirchner was unhurt and transported to his home. Police say they’ll have to wait a few days for water levels to drop before pulling the car out.

Indiana State Police issued the following reminders for drivers dealing with flash flooding: • Always carry a cell phone and charger. • Pay attention to local media reports and heed warnings issued by the National Weather Service. • Never drive around barricades at water crossings. • Be especially careful at night and early morning as it can be difficult to see water and it’s depth across the roadway. • Reduce your speed in rain and NEVER enter flowing water. Driving through water creates less tire contact with the road surface (hydroplaning) and increases your chance of crashing. • Driving through water affects your brakes reducing their effectiveness until they dry out. • If you end up in water, immediately abandon your vehicle, exit through a window and climb on top of your car. Call 9-1-1 from there and wait for help to arrive. Ride the top like a boat, as vehicles will often float for several minutes. • Be aware that road erosion can occur anytime there is running or standing water on a roadway. • Remember it only takes six inches of water to reach the bottom of most car doors and one foot of water to float most vehicles. If you find yourself stranded in water, act fast. Get yourself and everyone in your vehicle out of their seatbelt and out a window onto the roof of the car. Remember; call 9-1-1 AFTER you reach the top of your vehicle. Indiana State Police divers advise to only swim for it if you absolutely have to, and don’t swim against the current. Make sure you’re a survivor, NOT a victim.