UIndy academy to help Roche Diagnostics train employees

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A tech company has teamed up with the University of Indianapolis to help train future employees. 

Indianapolis-based Roche Diagnostics has about 1,000 biomedical equipment technicians in the United States and many of them are retiring. The company said it takes months to recruit and train new employees.

In an effort to get ahead of the hiring game, the company got together with UIndy to design the Roche Academy. 

Robert L Manuel, president of UIndy, said the effort “connects the pipeline from education to employment, such as our students that come in to the biology and chemistry programs would have a line of direct connection to a job and a career once they graduate.” 

Roche said it hopes the program will produce 20 to 25 biomedical equipment technicians for the company a year. 

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