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Unemployed man victimized by job opportunity

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An unemployed man who wishes to remain nameless found a job on the website CareerBuilder. The job appeared to be just what he needed. Under the job description he could work for home all while managing accounts.

“This is like my gift, something that was given to help me get back on my feet.”

His job responsibilities included managing customer payments, he would receive checks to deposit and then he was instructed to forward a portion to the managers.

“This is like my gift, something that was given to help me get back on my feet,” said the man.

However, recently the man received a phone call from his bank informing him his bank account had been frozen and his company was under investigation.

“I was thinking this is some kind of drug deal, mobsters and I’m afraid to get a knock on the door and someone says hey you snitched,” said the victim.

24-Hour News 8, reached out to the Attorney General’s Office about the victim’s case. And learned the AG’s Office has received one complaint that names CareerBuilder in connection to a money transfer scam.

Below the AG’s office released the statement below.

“These scams appear to be a variation of the “Mystery Shopper” or “Work at Home” scams, in which a victim receives a fraudulent check to deposit, and they are instructed to keep a portion of the funds and then forward a portion elsewhere, usually using a service like Money Gram or Western Union. Having the funds directly transferred into a consumer’s account as opposed to them receiving a check in the mail appears to be a new strategy used by scammers. Consumers should be extremely cautious when asked to give bank account information to an unknown company or wire money. Requests to wire money are typical of scams.”

The AG’s Office also gave some statistics on similar scams in the state in the pass year. In 2014, the AG’s Office received seven Mystery Shopper, 33 Counterfeit Check, and 75 Money Transfer scam complaints.

If you believe you are a victim of a consumer scam contact the Attorney General’s Office by calling 800-382-5516 or click here.