All INdiana Politics analysts weigh in on Justice Stephen Breyer’s resignation

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Justice Stephen Breyer’s resignation gives President Joe Biden his first opportunity to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court.

“All INdiana Politics” analysts Kip Tew and Whitley Yates discussed what Breyer’s resignation means for the future of the bench during an “UnPHILtered” conversation with News 8’s Phil Sanchez on Wednesday night.

They debated what kind of candidates Democrats and Republicans might support.

“[Republicans] can vote against anyone that they don’t feel is qualified … It shouldn’t be about race,” Yates said. “But it should be about who’s most qualified to do the work.”

They also talked about whether Biden’s nomination might be seen as supporting the Left.

“The Supreme Court was politicized a long time ago, and it’s a very political institution these days,” Tew said. “And so to ask now, as this late moment, to take politics out of it I think’s absurd.”

To see the entire conversation, click the video above.