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Ball State professor gives ways US can stand up to Russia

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, shattering peace in Europe.

The United States and the European Union have unleashed major sanctions against Russia in the hopes of deterring President Vladimir Putin from continuing his aggression.

Also, President Joe Biden ordered thousands of additional troops to NATO ally Germany and has declared the America will stand up to Russia.

During an earlier news conference, Biden stated that “no one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening.”

On Thursday night’s UnPHILtered, News 8’s Phil Sanchez spoke with Sergei Zhuk, a Ball State University history professor and an expert on the former Soviet Union, on what the United States can do to stand up to Putin and Russia.

“Well, they need to target Putin personally, first, then need to show some kind of force,” Zhuk said Thursday. “But again, yesterday, in his speech, he reminded Americans that he has a real threat for Americans if somebody interfered in the Russian affairs, he would use everything possible. It was referral, of course, to a nuclear weapon.”