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Health coach talks about tracking athlete burnout in kids

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Youth sports season is gearing up in Central Indiana.

As the long weekends of baseball, softball and other sports ramps up this spring and summer, health experts say it’s important for parents to monitor their children’s mental and physical state.

On Tuesday’s “UnPhiltered,” News 8’s Phil Sanchez spoke with Scott Haase, a health coach at Community Health Network, about easy rules to follow for kids playing sports.

“Take care of your sleep, take care of your water, take care of your food because if you’re not taking care of those, you might have dead arm, you might be more at risk for injury,” Haase said. “You’re not going to perform as well. Your off-speed (pitch) is not going to look as good. Take care of those first and then work on everything else.”

Haase is also vice president of the Indiana Canes.