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News 8 anchor Phil Sanchez goes ‘UnPHILtered’ on MLB rule changes 

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — News 8 anchor Phil Sanchez, an avid baseball fan, stopped by the WIBC studios to discuss the new MLB rules that were implemented this season. 

The rule changes include a pitcher’s clock, shift restrictions, and larger bases. Sanchez joined WIBC hosts Rob Kendall and Jason Hammer on the Kendall and Casey show to explain why he is a fan of the rule changes. 

“Because I’m not selfish. I love baseball and want the game to grow. In order for it to grow, we need the younger generation to be interested in the game,” Sanchez said. “Younger people don’t want to spend 3 and half hours watching a game anymore, they just don’t.”

Kendall and Hammer disagreed and say the new rules are making the game unwatchable.